Eating California

California is many things, not the least of which is being home to a dazzling array of great restaurants. As one of the greatest cultural melting pots in the world, and with a long history of inventiveness, agriculture and adventure, California is a world unto itself when it comes to amazing food.

Adapting the best from his long-running, popular television restaurant review series Let’s Dine Out & Table for Two, and adding even more zest and production value, celebrated Southern California food critic and TV personality Allan Borgen creates a dynamic new food show that spans the entire state of California, focusing on the most interesting, creative and historic restaurants the Golden State has to offer.

And Allan knows his stuff. He is a pioneer in the world of food review TV shows, starting way back before many of the programs we are familiar with today came along.

Along with his charismatic co-host and traveling companion Isabelle Busse, Eating California with Allan Borgen does what no other public broadcast show produced in California does… review exciting dishes, uncover little known stories of exciting people and places, and showcase amazing cooks creating iconic, sizzling recipes for an audience hungry for amazing food and fascinating locations.

And all of this with a flair, chemistry and approachable humor that few other shows of its kind can achieve. So join Allan and Isabelle as they roam the state Eating California!